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Crash Malloy

Sunday, August 7, 2005

12:50AM - fuck this fuckin shit...motherfucker

good fucking lord we are BROKE again. fucking bills! jessica might have to start working again. there's no other way around it. i've tried to make it where i could support us all and her not have to worry about working but alas, i seem to have failed again. seems like these days the only things im good at are drinking beer and getting fucked over by wal-mart. oh, i loathe this fucking life.

thanks a fuckin lot jesus,
Dustin Pathetic

Current mood: aggravated

Friday, August 5, 2005

1:04AM - the problem is YOU...

hey i'm back again after months of not writing in here. Trash said something about me not writing in it anymore so i finally got around to doing it today.

big updates:

1. Jacob stood up for a few seconds today all by him self. it looks really weird cuz im used to him crawling. my little man is growing up, its awesome.

2. I quit the Wreckage band. that sucks. my reasons were everybody else was either in houston or trying to get to houston and i woulda been left behind. i'm really sad, and i feel like i let them all down, but why wait for the inevitable ya know? it just sucks i wanted to be in that band. as far as i know im still gonna record vocals for the demo thingy and hopefully do some shows somewhere at some time. it's really lame cuz they're all my friends and i love them all but it just wasn't gonna work out. this might actually be a sign im starting to grow up. depressing.

3. more music. this other shit band i have called E.B.B. might do another record soon. everybody is gonna hate it but that's ok because we don't really like anyone in LC so it evens out. i'm trying to get another band started...a punk band that plays 80's style hardcore and some 77 UK type shit. no one yet has the nuts to join me. same old deal. but this time i ain't quitting, it will happen. if it's the last thing i ever do. i wanna do The Scummies again, really bad. i really miss that noise.

4. work...it still sucks.

5. i cut off all my long hair i look like any other fuck up in this town. im dying it blue sometime in the future. and i wanna get a tattoo of the word DESTROY on my arm. those gomers at work would LOVE it.

6. beer! i'm drinking Schlitz..yeah. now that's fuckin punk.

that's all i feel like writing. im totally gonna update again soon.

fuck you all straight to hell,
Dustin mother fucking Pathetic



Current mood: nihilistic

Tuesday, May 10, 2005



[What year was it?]

[What were your three favorite bands?]
Mystic Fix, Bad Religion, Black Flag

[What was your favorite outfit?]
i actually can't remember.
[What was up with your hair?]
it was short... weird huh.

[Who were your best friends?]
i had quite a few, but all of them are gone now cept auto and trash.

[What did you do after school?]
well back then i didn't drink or smoke, so i just listened to music and drank dr.pepper.

[Where did you work?]
i didn't have a job.

[Did you take the bus?]
no i walked EVERY within like 3 miles of my house.
[Who did you have a crush on?]
i think i was dating a jew then it's kinda hard to remember but that's a good thing.
[Did you fight with your parents?]
didn't live with them

[Who did you have a CELEBRITY crush on?]
jennifer love hewitt no lie. i also thought katie holmes was a hottie.
[Did you smoke cigarettes?]
i started like a few months after high school

[Did you lug all of your books around in your backpack all day because you were too nervous to find your locker?]
i had a back pack but it was filled with cd's
[Did you have a 'clique'?]
not really.

[Did you have "The Max" like Zach Kelly and Slater?]

[Admit it, were you popular?]

[Who did you want to be just like?]

[What did you want to be when you grew up?]
i used to wanna be a baseball player, but i threw my arm outta socket and could never throw well after that.

[Where did you think you'd be at the age you are now?]

six feet under

Current mood: mellow

Sunday, April 24, 2005


i don't write in this anymore, but tonight, i will again. lately has actually been the darkest most shitty days i have been through in a while. everything is the same and it is that specifically that is kllling me. the same old routine day in and day out. work 11-8 everyday but tuesaday and wednesday. wake up at 9 am... go to sleep at 3 am. no band practices. drink all day on my off days. not being able to get a hold of anybody ever. avioding the people i dont like. putting on a fake smile at work. i'm just sick of it all. i think i really am going to quit wal-mart soon. i'm not sure what i'll do after that but anything is better than that thankless cartpushing bullshit. i just want to have a good job for me that pays enough money for my family and gives me the time i need to at least HANG OUT with my bandmates. jessica has been all over my ass for stupid, presumptous shit, but she has her points. so i lose again. im just tired and bored of all this shit. i wanna be happy. i wish i could, but it's just hopeless.

Tuesday, March 1, 2005

2:30AM - what the fuck?!?!?!?!

hey i'm back again. here's the story....our internet went down a while back and it was down for almost a month so i got all used to not having it. then we get it back and i don't even get on for a week. then when i DO get back on i completely forget about livejournal. oh well. nothing much has happened cept i've been sick for the last 2 weeks and i called in for work. oh, jake pissed on me tonight, the first time in months. friday night i went to see Dead End Lake and the LA Phantoms. it rocked. trash and auto were there and i hugged them all big and shit cuz i missed them so much. got really drunk and that wasn't good on top of being sick and only getting like 3 hours of sleep. i actually made myself puke because i was so disoriented i was unable to do anything that made any sense. like i didn't NEED to puke, but i just did't know what else to do. oh, andy dedicated that old Rumors song "son of sam" to me, which was great. all in all it was really fun and good to see everybody again. oh yeah, i had to sit in the back of the car next to kim and she wouldn't shut up. ahh well...i suppose i'm done rambling for now. thanks to EVERYBODY for making the show awesome, and i now really love pabst blue ribbon beer. it gets me all drunk. 38DD's anybody?

Weezy Malloy

Current mood: content

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


i have completly lost my mind. i have no batteries for anything and that is lame. at least i got my geetar.

i'll write a little something else later, i have some business to attend to.

Crash Malloy

Current mood: weird

Monday, December 20, 2004

9:24AM - stuff

hey. Jake is 2 months old today. congrats little man! he's already getting big. it's true little babies DO grow fast. but he's at molly's right now, so i have to wait till after work to see him. let's see, nothing much else is happening lately. i got some kinda virus...it sucks. work is really busy all day long now. i mean like there are no parking spots and all the buggies are being used. it sucks so bad. i hate christmas so much. i dont even have any gifts bought. but one cool thing is i'm off for christmas, which is on a saturday, and it's cool in the fact that i never get a saturday off. i can't wait till i'm off, so i can do whatever the fuck i want. blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. fuck i gotta go get ready for work. last day, i'm off tomorow and wednesday...can't wait.

Crash Malloy

Current mood: hungry

Sunday, December 12, 2004


man, people need better things to do than to go shopping at wal-mart on a saturday night. i can't wait for this work week to be over. jessica went to a christmas party at her aunt's house in lake arthur yesterday. she had fun and that's good, she needs to have fun. maybe one of these days i'll have fun too. jake smiled at me this morning because i was acting like an idiot. it was very cool. well, i gotta get to work, but i'm pretty sure i'll post later tonight.

oh yeah, i'm going to destroy my cd burner. piece of shit.

Crash Malloy

Current mood: weird

Friday, December 10, 2004


ha, i stole this from someone cuz i'm bored...

what's your first name? Weezy Malloy

nickname? Crash Malloy, Shaggy, Lil' Shawshank, and very many more.....

age? 23

gender? male

birthday? Dec. 2, 1981

your sign? Saggitarius

where do you live? i live in a state of constant frustration.

do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? i have a wife

if so what's her/his name? She Who Can Not Be Named

have you ever been in love? YEAH

who are/were your crushes? i really enjoy crushing people yeah

do you have any piercings, or want any piercings? no, i'm not a freak

do you have a tattoo or want one? of course.

if so what kind and where? i wanna misfits skull, and the black flag bars, maybe also the dwarves and/ or zeke

where do you shop at the most? i don't shop

what color is your hair? pubic hair?

what color are your eyes? take a look fucker.

do you smoke? no, i'm straight edge...very anti-smoking, never smoked a smoke in my life.

do your friends smoke? yes, that's because they are sinners..

who are your closest friends? friends...? i do not understand that concept...please explain...

who are your friends? what the hell is a friend?

who are your best friends online? the underage chicks, heh heh

do you like bath &body works? FUCK NO...i hate that place, they kicked me out for eating display shampoo.

kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use? who says i fucking shower, you god damn presumptous (sp) bastard

is your hair short or long? i'm a skin head baby

do you like to shoplift? only when i have a lot of money.

what sports do you play? pocket pull baby

what turns you on? young girls...mmmm

what turns you off? when the young girls turn 18

what place do you go for fun? hell

what do you do for fun? i shoot up, and take pain pills with liqour...

how many phones do you have in your house? what is a phone?

how many tv's do you have in your house? TV ROTS YOUR BRAIN, IT'S EVIL!!!!!

what's your favorite food(s)? taco bell

do you look like anyone famous? that guy...jesus...

who are the most attractive people you know? that guy in the mirror, he's so hot, mmmmmm

do you wish to be like your parents? what are you talking about, i don't have to wish, i'm already an irresponsible drunk junkie.

what are you listening to right now? THE FUCKIN MISFITS

how many hours per day do you spend talking on the phone? what is this phone you speak of so much?

what are your favorite shoes? my big red cowboy boots, perfect for teachin fags that dicks are for chicks.

what kind of clothes do you sleep in? you're supposed to sleep in clothes?

what's your favorite soda? i liek cheapo cola

what things do you say a lot? what can you do for 20 bucks?

who is the coolest person in the world? Ronnie Famous

do you think you're weird or funny? weird

who was the last person you called? my other baby momma

where do you wanna get married? fuck marraige

what are your favorite girl names? bimbo

what are your favorite guy names? adolf

what's your worst memory in the past 5 years? i have a bad memory.

what is your favorite fast food restaurant? taco bell

who do you really hate? everybody

do you have any brothers and sisters? they're all dead

do you have a pool? no, but i got an eight ball, who's game?

what are you addicted to? meth

do you like jewelry? no, i'm not a hooker

who do you wish you were? a chick with big titties

do you like to dance? i'm not gay.

do you like playing pranks on people? no, pranks aren't something to play with.

what's your least favorite subject in school? that one they call....work.

what's your favorite subject in school? that part where we went home...that was the best.

what time is it? 2:23am

what college do you wanna go to? school is for losers man

do you sleep a lot? mostly when i'm hung over

what are your favorite radio stations? fuck a radio

are you a morning person? night time is the right time

what's your favorite tv station? TV IS THE DEVIL

what do you wanna be when you're out of school? a junkie

do you curse a lot? no, i'm not a sinner

are you ticklish? why the fuck do you wanna know

what are you wearing right now? NOTHING...

do you go to church? that's overrated

do you like the person who sent you this? nobody sent this, i stole it

do you believe in god? he's overrated

do you like to watch pda's? no ablo english

do you show pda? does rubing my dick count?

do you believe in love at first sight? i'm nearsighted...

what color tooth brush do you use? who says i brush my teeth?

how many times a day do you brush your teeth? 0

who is your favorite cartoon character? no cartoons, tv evil

do you have a job? yeah

what was the best day of your life so far? you should know

what are you gonna do today? work

are you momma's little angel? i'm momma's little pharmicist

do you wear body spray? NO EVIL EVIL EVIL

who is the sweetest girl? the one that let's me fuck

who is the sweetest guy? the one in the mirror

are you tired? no i'm all sped up

what are you thinking right now? i need a fix, baaaaaaaaaaaaad man

who makes you laugh? reatards

have you ever cheated on anyone/been cheated on? yes

what do you think about boy bands? there are lots of boys in lots of bands
what's the oldest group/singer you are still listening to? RAMONES

friend(s) that looks most like you? i don't have friends

friend(s) you've dreamt about? i dreamed i fucked my second cousin

mr. sensitive or mr. funny? mr. FUCK YOU UP

what's your house gonna look like? a crack house

how many kids do you want? i got all i need

Current mood: accomplished

Thursday, December 9, 2004

9:27AM - and who but me could write this book of cruel...

well i'm still here. nothing much has changed, but that's expected so i guess everything is going how it's supposed to. still haven't practiced, but yeah, i didn't figure i would till after christmas. work is still lame. blah blah. all i'm trying to do is get this crap over with. so the sooner christmas is over the better! i finally talked to andy yesterday, he got himself a new bass so he doesn't need mine anymore. i'll have that back soon. which is good good good. i don't really have anything else to say, except that i can't wait to fuckin play. Trash, Auto, and Ronnie... I'LL PLAY AGAIN AS SOON AS I CAN! man that would suck if they kicked me out of the band. haha.

ok fuckers, i'm out.

Crash Malloy

Current mood: groggy

Monday, November 29, 2004

1:29AM - whatcha gonna say? FUCK YOU! whatcha gonna do? I SAID FUCK YOU!...

well, i figured out that we (The Scummies/Wreckage) are the minority of the minority. nobody does it like us, nobody thinks like us. everybody else wants to be an emo band or an indie band or some other trend of the moment. nobody is branching out like they say they are, they are just rehashing the same old tired shit that the bands they jerk off to throw together to make a buck. the main difference with us is...WE ADMIT WE'RE SHIT! WE ADMIT WE SUCK! we aren't trying to pretty up for ANYBODY. we aren't trying to be good, we play for the fucking fun of playing. we play the way we do because nobody here does it. it's that simple. it's too bad that people around this scene get so snobbish and are so quick to shun us when they could really learn something from what we do. fuck those pricks, and fuck you too!

Crash Malloy

Current mood: annoyed

Friday, November 26, 2004

8:47PM - breaking stuff and doing drugs, don't need no kiss, don't need no fuckin hug...

hello. i decided to update again. well, thanksgiving was worthless. no turkey, and work was slow as fuck. at least i ot payed double time. YEAH! anyways, today was the big Blitz sale and it was busy as fuck all day. i think our store made 600,000 dollars or something. that's cool cuz last year we made like 550k i think. all of this work isn't gonna be worth it if we don't get that goddamn bonus they're always talking about. the way i see it, as much work as we've been doing for this "bonus" if we don't get it, we're fucking failures. plain and simple. nothing much else is going on. my brother came and chilled last nght which was cool. i played a bunch of punk cd's for him and my mom and jess and they didn't like it. not everyone has good taste. they'l come around one of these days. heh heh. haven't had time to get a new cd player so hopefully trash or ry can gimmie an extra one. i haven't talked to andy in a while, i need to see if he's still alive so i can get my shit back from him and play and stuff. SCUMMIES/WRECKAGE NEED TO HAVE A FULL BAND PRACTICE! I'M OPEN TUESDAY OR WEDNESDAY!GODDAMN, I STILL WANNA PLAY! FUCK SHIT HELL CUNT!!!! ok, well, that's it for now. oh yeah, the little man is all well. he's still awesome. :-) i'm outta here.

Crash Malloy, public dick

Current mood: blank

Thursday, November 25, 2004

12:22AM - i don't want your consideration...i just want my isolation...

well, hello. i've been putting off writing in here, but i got bored enough to do it today. nothing much has happened. The Little Man went to his maw maw Molly's house monday night. it was the first time he's ever been away for the night. he was good, so she says. i really really missed him, so i'm glad he's back. i've been playing MOH: Frontline ALL DAMN DAY. it's pathetic how much i like that game. last night it torrentially downpoured and my dumbass left my cd player out in it. now, if you know me pretty well, you know i NEVER go ANYWHERE without my cd player. so now it's ruined and i have to settle for a cheap POS one. that's a shame too, i had it for over a year, one of the best i ever had. sooo, i think i'm gonna get another one tomorrow. ahh, that reminds me...tomorrow is thanksgiving. that holiday means absolutly nothing to me now. can't enjoy it because i work 11-8. the food's not ready by the time i leave and it's cold or completely gone when i get home. :-( oh well. let's look on the bright side, i mean i'm young...oh shit that reminds me again...in 7 days, i'll be 23. DAMN. what a horrible fucking time. no turkey and another year older with a shitty cd player. SCUMMIES\WRECKAGE NEED TO PRACTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANNA PLAY GOD DAMN IT. FUCK SHIT HELL. alright i'm outta here.

Crash Malloy

Current mood: aggravated

Thursday, November 11, 2004


well i haven't been writing in this fuckin thing so i am now cuz there's nothing else to do at the moment. i've been working and taking care of the little man. it's actually not a bad as i expected. everybody was telling me babies are hard to take care of...they're so full of shit, it's not that hard. yeah so i feed him burp him and change his dirty diapers and that's it. he's low maintenence which is cool. let's see...oh yeah, No Control broke up for stupid reasons. now Ronnie, Trash, and Auto play together with new name...Wreckage. pretty neat. i said i'd sing for them. we'll see how that goes. The Scummies are still on and i guess it'll get mixed up with the Wreckage thing, which is ok by me. it's basically the same thing anyway. whatever ya know. i also wanna write stuff with Andy which the others might not like but i wanna do it anyway to see what comes out of it. ah well. oh yeah, work still sucks and christmas is just around the corner. blah. fuck christmas. my birthday is also coming soon, i'll be 23. ancient. ok well, i got enough writing shit so i'm going to listen to Gang Green. they rock.


Current mood: blah

Friday, October 22, 2004

10:04PM - Welcome To The World, Jake!


Born: October 20th, 2004
Weight: 7 lbs. 2 ounces
Length: 20 inches

i can surely say this...he's by far the greatest and coolest thing that has ever happened to me. I love ya Jake!

as soon as i can, i'm gonna post a picture up here.

Weezy Malloy

Current mood: accomplished

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

2:20PM - the art of saying "fuck you"

the outer ranges of human perception are endless. there are no boundries to what could be percieved, and the possible combinations of things are innumerable. i would like to know if there is a number that could measure the amount of breaths every person has taken from the start of humanity until now. kkkkkkkkkkkdddddkkkkkkkkdddddddddkkkkkkkkkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkdidididococococodkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkcocococofofofofodkdkdkdkdkddkdkkkdkdidiididididididkdkdkdndkfkvkovkvkopkopsdskdcsopdcopsdpcosdcsodcodkokkoFkokokokUokokokokCokokokoKkokokopkokoYkookoOkokokoUkokokokokokokokkokokokokokokokokokokokokkokokokokookokokokokokokokokokokkokokokkkpkdkkdkdkkdkdkkdkdkkdkdkdkkdkdkdkdkdkdddkdkkdkdkdddkdkkdkkdkkdkkdkdkdkddddddddddddddddddddd

long drunken beer soaked night last night. literally, i was covered with beer. i thought of a bunch of weird shit.

jacob will be here in the next 7 days. can't wait for that. i hope this fatherhood shit works out. don't want his life to be TOO fucked up. i don't know what i'm going to do.

fuck work.

i want to jam. as soon as possible.

fuck you, i'm done.

Current mood: pessimistic

Friday, October 1, 2004

1:37AM - some shitty rant

well, i'm up late again, with no one to talk to, smoking cigarettes, listening to music. i don't like just about every band that is on the radio. all of that is so fake and overblown. i've heard more actual music in the last month than most pathetic fucks will ever hear. just cuz i got long hair, people talk to me about bands i don't give a shit about. i don't listen to the radi because i don't want to hear what is on it. i don't like linkin park or evenesecense or whatever the fuck it is. they suck, plain and simple. this may not make sense but fuck, i'm saying it. i just hate the way people look at me and are like hey, linkin park, nickleback, radio blah blah blah.." SHUT THE FUCK UP, I FUCKING HATE IT. let's hear some fuckin dwarves or mystic fix...minor fuckin threat...ya get me? i value the noise i make in The Scummies more than i will ever care about some flavor of the moment fuckin radio rock band. and the sad thing is, enough idiots listen to the radio to give those deadbeat fame hungry assholes enough money to make yet more shitty records. there's stuff out there that isn't on the radio that is just better...period. so to all those who are supporting this viscious cycle of audio shit, FUCK YOU. you're fucking vermin. i hope you fucking die. it's people like you that are constantly making the world a shittier place to live in. and to everybody who doesn't listen to the radio, THANK YOU from the bottom of my cold, hard heart. either you are awesome or you're deaf...either way, rock on.

a great big fuck you goes to the following bands i hear on the radio and that i really hate: disturbed, cold, creed (STILL!), nickleback (every single played like 4,385,489,123 times a day..), blink 182, new found glory, adema, american hi-fi, taking back sunday, thursday, sevendust, limp bizkit, third eye blind, three doors down, marilyn manson, linkin park, crazy town, sugar ray, puddle of mudd, and if i think of anymore i'll edit this.

Weezy Malloy

*and when i say "don't fuck with me!"
don't you get it?
don't you get in my way
because i will load this gun
do ya hear what i say?* - Mystic Fix

Current mood: aggravated

Friday, September 24, 2004

8:44AM - random thoughts

i'm just sitting here right now. everyone else is still asleep so it's real quiet. i remember back in the old days and a lot of the them were just like this. believe it or not, i like this. it's a time where i have to face my biggest critic...me. when i'm alone i tend to remember every embarassing thing that i've ever done. that's a long list, my friend. i think some people are right and i AM too hard on myself. but, i've pushed myself to move past all that shit so i think of it as self motivation. whatever i'm done with this part.

i miss trash, auto, andy, and ronnie. i have fun with all them. and it's crazy, cuz we all hung out like tuesday. but THAT was fun, at least to me. i have a lot of respect for andy, because he writes some fucking killer songs. he's also been in a situation somewhat similar to mine, so it's really easy to relate to him. i respect ronnie because he loves to fucking play and he knows how rock n roll should be played. plus, he's RONNIE FUCKING FAMOUS, MOTHERFUCKER. haha. i have respect for auto and trash because out of all my friends, they've stuck with me the longest. no matter how much i ditch them or just don't want to do anything they're always there anyway. it's gonna be fucking sad when they move to houston. :-( well, i'll leave on a quote from ronnie. no control was practicing and we all noticed the smell of something burning. so i look at the amp ronnie was using and sure enough it was the bulbs in the back. but ronnie uttered a few words i'll prolly always remember. some one said "what if something catches on fire." he said "oh well, that's what rock n roll is all about." then he went back into the song. priceless. i love you guys.

Weezy Malloy

Current mood: weird

Friday, September 17, 2004

6:48AM - i just woke up

i really am surrounded by idiots. fuck all those fuckin jerks man. i don't have a fucking cent either and my lot rent just went up. work is as gay as ever. still no raise, still no respect. FUCK. life is going to shit again. the more i have to do the less i wanna do. and then the kid will be here soon which will be good in the fact that he's here, but bad in the fact that i will have even less of a life than i already got. well i'd just like to say fuck you to mike, lauren, jody, billie, wal-mart, and the fact that i have no money to buy any food. fuck it. i don't care. it's been worse.

Crash Malloy

Current mood: aggravated

Thursday, September 16, 2004

12:18AM - oh yeah


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